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Covid-19 Information and Updates

Our Commitment to Keeping Everyone Safe From COVID-19

Effective March 16, 2020

Please be advise that we are open unless Governor Wolf says otherwise. We will do everything that we can to do our part and keep our community safe and healthy.

1. We are following and exceeding the CDC guidelines required to operate a safe and productive environment for our customers and staff.
2. We are following the EPA advertisements on which disinfectants actually work to kill the coronavirus on all surfaces. We are cleaning all surfaces frequently.
3. We are wearing face mask and gloves which are changed between customer interactions, in addition to our regular glove changes which is something we believe is best for proper food handling.
4. Our lobby is currently closed to the public.
5. We are providing curbside delivery as well as sidewalk delivery for our customers.
6. We have added DoorDash as a option for all that don't want to pick up directly from our establishment. We always secure your delivery package with stickers and we double bag your items. If you do not have a sticker on the bag that is double knotted and you only have one bag, your delivery person has been in you bag.
7. When possible we strongly encourage paying via Credit Card or Debit Card. This is done to cut down on the close contact, we are processing payments over the phone or by other contactless options.
8. We also accept cash which is directly placed in a bleach bath. So if you pay cash your change might be a little damp as getting change is hard for us right now.
9. As you all know, WASH YOUR HANDS, we do this on a regular basis just due to proper food handling practices. Please, please, please wash your hands on a regular basis.

We understand that this is a really hard time for our community. We understand if you are unable to come by and support our business, if you are currently scared to come out, or currently out of work, or have extra expenses due to this "Social Distancing" order and your personal needs. We appreciate each and every one of you and hope that you all stay safe.

Be kind to one another. Leave toilet paper and food in the store for your neighbor. If you have PTO or can work-from-home, enjoy the benefit and if you don't trust us, we know and understand your worry and stress this disaster is causing. Hopefully and prayerfully when this is all over, all of you will be safe and sound and we will still be in business as we do not qualify for any loans or grants since we are such a new business.

2020 has been the best year and worst year of our adult lives, a new business, incountering people that almost destroyed what we worked so hard to build, loss of a loved one and becoming first time grandparents, our love for the community and us trying our best to support the community and when we are in need of love our community really behind us and supports us. And now we are all faced with or affected by the stress and panic of COVID-19, whether it's been to the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, financial difficulties and so on.

We all also have been affected by the wrongful deaths of George Floyd and the other victims that have lost their lives, due to hatred. We as human beings should be able to live in our communities despite our race, color or creed in peace, without fear that someone could possible take our lives. We love our community, we love our country, we love our family, we love each and every one of you! We want to be there for you, our community, our neighbors, our loved ones.

We want to be there for that child that needs a safe place to get some food when they are hungry, we want to be there for our fellow man that may be down on their luck. We are a safe space for all. We are here to support others. All we ask is that you treat people the way you want to be treated, help someone, be kind to someone, say something nice to someone, remain positive, think of how your actions can effect someone else. If you need us just reach out as we are here for you.

With Love, Chef Titus, Anya Queen and Family